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下面是Toby R. Meltzer醫生所提供有關女變男變性手術的相關資訊。Dr. Meltzer是性別認同失調研究小組的一份子,這個小組包括一位泌尿科醫師、一位婦科醫師、和一位整型醫師,在一切的操作上都遵循「Harry Benjamin國際性別認同失調協會」的指導方針和原則。(Harry Benjamin,1885-1986,內分泌醫師,性研究者,是變性慾方面最早也最著名的研究者之一)。在任何手術過程之前,患者必須先符合Benjamin協會所訂定的準則,而且獲得一位曾經和病患建立長期關係的治療師(心理治療師、心理學家或精神分析社工人員)的推薦信。?

The following is information regarding surgery for female to male sex reassignment surgery from the office of Dr. Toby R. Meltzer.

Dr. Meltzer is part of a gender dysphoria team that consist of a urologist, a gynecologist and a plastic surgeon. Our team adheres to the same guidelines and principles of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association. Prior to any surgical procedure, the prospective patients must fulfill the criteria established by the Benjamin Society and have letters of referral from a therapist (psychiatrist, psychologist or psychiatric social worker) who has had a long-term relationship with the patient.


Though not a prerequisite to other procedures, removal of the uterus and ovaries (hysterectomy and oopherectomy) are frequently performed. This can be done vaginally with laparoscopic assistance, or vaginally. The vagina can also be completely removed at the same time or as a separate procedure. A vaginectomy is only required if the urethra is to be lengthened to allow one to stand and urinate.








There are several options of genital surgery for female to male gender confirmation.


The most common operation that I perform is a clitoral release or metadoioplasty.

Another option is a pedicled flap. (http://www.tmeltzer.com/Pedicle.htm  連結暫時不通)

      A third option is the radial forearm flap.



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