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Updated: December 5, 2000 Anarchy Boy!

Black Bloc in Every School?
With the return of another oppressive school year, teenagers around North America are getting together and organizing resistance to their authoritarian high schools, as well as the shit they have to put up with every day. These young people have organized a variety of groups, some of which are members of the fast growing Network of Anarchist Youth (AYA-NAY). If you'd like to join this growing movement, drop us a note!


U.K. to Impose Curfews on Teens
The war against young people jumps the Atlantic. Queen to propose curfews for teenagers.

Florida Youth Liberation Conference, Dec.15-17
An ambitious conference for liberated young people. The program looks very interesting.

Has Homecoming Lost Its Way?
Moments after being crowned homecoming king in front of 5,000 spectators, Patrick Griffiths carefully placed his crown on the ground and walked off the Mira Costa High School football field. He did so in protest against what he called a superficial popularity contest. He knew he was making a statement, but the lanky 17-year-old--a self-described "intellectual anarchist" who doesn't believe in armed revolution--never dreamed his actions would make national headlines.

Youth Liberation Conference
If you live on the East Coast of the U.S., you may want to check out this conference which is happening on Long Island on December 9 and 10, 2000.

Censored Students Post Articles Online
It was an emotional act of teenage mutiny: printing a blank page on the front of the Sidwell Friends school newspaper after administrators had pulled a scathing article about wrongdoing in a math class.

AYA/NAY network mentioned by counter-terrorism organization
In the "mighty confused" department, a story on the Independent Media Center web site has a excerpt from a security alert issued by an "anti-terrorism" organization. The report was published for authorities preparing for the anti-GOP protests last month in Philadelphia. Here's a quote from the report:

"Unfortunately, experience and current intelligence show that the demonstrators will not be merely a group of young idealistic college students, but also using the protests for cover will be radical extremists from such groups as the Anarchist Action Network, Anarchist Youth Action /Network of Anarchist Youth, Anarchy for Anybody, and Radikal Anarchist Liberation Front. For more details, see www.Anarchy.org. One of their typical mottos is "Keep Warm, Burn Out the Rich!"

Attacking the "Best" in Kiddie Ads
Tired of being treated like a consumer and subjected to thousands of ads each day?

Mandating Censorware in Public Schools & Libraries
On Tuesday, June 27, the U.S. Senate adopted a mandatory filtering amendment to be added huge appropriations bill for the Departments of Labor, HHS and Education, which would require both schools and libraries to install "censor-ware" or be denied services provided under the federal "e-rate" plan. We at Rock Out Censorship see this as a form of political blackmail that forces local authorities to either endorse censorship, or lose the vital funding needed for computer and internet services.

Student deserved expulsion for Yippie-inspired article, Oregon court rules
SALEM, Ore. ?A Bend high school was justified in expelling a student for his underground newspaper article on how to explode toilets, take over the school intercom and other acts inspired by the Yippies, the state Court of Appeals said yesterday.

Masked Grrrl at D2KLA
by Art For A Change
1:24am Sat Aug 19 '00
address: Art For A Change / P.O. Box 5751 Sherman Oaks, CA. 91413

The Youth of today have no fear. The themes of Wednesday's protests (8/16/2000), were the issues of Police Brutality, the Death Penalty, Political Prisoners, and mass incarceration. At the Staples Center, some 4,000 people faced off with the LAPD Riot Squad. The LAPD were heavily armed with 12 Gauge Shotguns, Tear Gas guns, and Rubber Bullet guns. The were deployed in overwhelming and intimidating force. I took this photograph of a young female protestor as she fearlessly stared down the gun toting Police standing opposite her.

For more photographs and artworks dedicated to social justice, please visit the ART FOR A CHANGE Web site! www.primenet.com/~mvallen/

Va. Rethinks Rule Change On Spanking
It should come as no surprise that a state that executes people on a weekly basis can find a way to legalize violence against foster care children.

Loudoun Student Pays for Protest
Jordan Kupersmith refuses to participate in his high school's "minute of silence." For two consecutive days he's left the classroom when the "minute" was observed. He now faces detention for merely standing up for his rights.


Teen Anarchist Web Ring
This Teen Anarchist site owned by Chuck0.
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Network of Anarchist Youth
Link of the Week
School Survival
Schools as Prisons

In the wake of the massacre in Littleton, Colorado, high school authorities are cracking down on all forms of alternative dress, belief, and behavior. Parents are stepping up efforts to violate their children's right to free speech, by making them use filtering software. Are you a victim of this stupid hysteria? Are the jocks picking on you and saying that you are gay? Have the authorities in your high school told you to take off a t-shirt or that you can't distribute your zine?

Send us an email and we'll post your comments here.

Filtered Out?
Are your parents filtering your Internet access? Is your school or library requiring you to have an age sticker to surf the web? They can't do this! This violates your right to free speech. We'd like to hear your stories so let us know how the adults are putting a blindfold over your eyes.

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Working Fast Food?
Are you working at a fast food or service industry job and want to organize your coworkers into a union? Want to improve workplace conditions or make more money? There are folks willing to help you out. Email us for more details.
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