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General Resources

National Academy for Teaching & Learning about Aging
Curriculum guides; research; projects

Analyzing Literature for Ageism


Ageism in Literature. Analysis Kit for Teachers & Librarians

Discussion; analysis including evaluative instrument.
By Anita E. Dodson & Judith B. Hause; 1981; revised 1996. From NATLA

Overcoming Ageism

Article by Barbara N. Kupetz, reprinted from "Texas Child Care" by
Parenting Information. Includes bibliography

The Representation of Elderly Persons in Prime Time Television Advertising

Analysis of commercial television; also includes research review of ageism
in children's and young adults literature


Report prepared by Barrie Robinson, UC Berkeley, which addresses some of
the stereotypes associated with aging.

Of Interest: Children's Attitudes about Older Adults

Article by Debbie Reese from "Parent News"; includes research review
and suggestions on how to use this information

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Selected ERIC Resources

If these links do not work, please search AskEric directly under term, "ageism." Much of the literature is older.
Ageism in Children's Books

Articles from Interracial Books for Children, 1976. ED 131144
Read with Me: The Use of Cultural Role Models in Children's Literature

By Leslie J. Couse; study of portrayla of the elderly within minority

cultures in picture books; ED 421210
Has the Incidence of Ageism Decreased in Recent Editions of Basal Readers?

1983 study by Diane Moskowitz; ED 228627
Intergenerational Contact: A Way to Counteract Ageism

By Winnifred E. Peacock and William M. Talley in Educational

Gerontology, 1984. EJ302522
The Coming of Age in Children's Literature

By Carol Seefeldt and others in Childhood Education, 1978.

Discusses the concept of ageism; identifies resources
Age and Ageism in Children's First Literature

By Edward F. Ansello in Educational Gerontology, 1977;

survey of children's books
Should Textbooks Be Politically Correct?...and Several Other Issues

By Diane Castellano Mader; discusses various ways writers attempt to

avoid bias and concerns raised by political orthodoxy. 1994 article. ED381822
Schools in an Aging Society: Language Arts Classroom Activities for Secondary School

Lesson plans to help students develop a healthy attitude towards aging

Promoting Positive Attitudes toward Aging: Literature for Young Children

By Sandra L. McGuire in Childhood Education, 1993; EJ465871;

Discusses role of children's literature in influencing attitudes
Educating for a Just Society, Grades 7-12

By Kathleen McGinnis. Manual examines peace and justice themes; includes

ageism; ED392722

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Generation Celebration: Children's Books
From Penn State Agricultural and Extension Service

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting [Quakers] Aging Booklist

Titles include illness, loss of memory, friendship, handicaps.
Books for children and young adults

Books on Aging for Children and Young Adults

Bibliography of books dealing with Alzheimer's disease, memory loss.
From Deer Lodge Reading Room

Grandparents in Picture Books

From Monroe County Public Library

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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for Elementary Grades
Designed to make young people aware of the social, political and economic
consequences of an aging society. From National Academy of Teaching and
Learning about Aging

Images of Aging: A Film and Video Resource Guide

Page by Robert E. Yahnke of University of Minnesota. Includes pre-viewing
notes and activities, summary of scenes, and discussion questions
for adaptation of "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein
and adaptation of "Lilith Summer" by Hadley Irwin;
and adaptation of "The Hundred Penny Box" by Sharon Bell Mathis

Training for the Future

Intermediate level lesson plan from British Language Centre.
Also, Lesson Plan. Developing Teachers Newsletter includes newspaper article
and lesson plan on ageism and older workers

Kodak Lesson Plans. Intergenerational Friendship Photo Album

Lesson plan for 8th grade by Mary T. Pucell

Civic Education. Cultural Pluralism

Lesson plan to stimulate students' interest in cultural pluralism

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